Client : Giveworx

Country: USA

Industry: FinTech

Industry: FinTech

Executive Summary:

Giveworx is a business engagement solution that provides easily integrable plugins to drive community fundraising. Giveworx offers its customers pre-built plugins that are simple to integrate into their websites.


In order to meet the demands of their customers, Giveworx needs to be able to quickly incorporate changes, enhancements and new features into their product roadmap.  With a lack of in-house technical expertise Giveworx initially contracted with an outside services organization to help with the development and management of their platform.  However, when those efforts did not yield the results Giveworx needed, they contacted Dimiour to take over the project.

Dimiour immediately implemented a process with Giveworx to translate their business needs more effectively into the product enhancements and new features. At the same time, we also introduced new procedures and processes for the development lifecycle, to enhance performance and optimization overall operations


Dimiour implemented an Agile team equipped with technical skills (ScrumMaster, Full-stack Developer, Frontend Developer, and Test Engineer) to work with Client’s Product Owner.  We defined sprint plans given an MVP definition, pilot testing, and related goals all based on an Amazon Web Services-based solution that includes plugin development and design, as well as end-to-end management of Giveworx websites.

Solution Development Process:

  1. Plan with Giveworx for adding new features, implement new integration with Shopify, design and implement payroll enhancements, payment portal integration, and prepare the application for sale to customers.
  2. Define UI information architecture, create wireframes, mockups, design systems and production designs
  3. Build interactive UX prototypes
  4. Develop, redesign, and manage the Giveworx plugins.
  5. Plugins are SEO-friendly and aid in increasing site traffic to deliver high-quality service to clients and increase fundraising
  6. Perform quality testing of product, including unit testing, integration testing, and functional testing
  7. Perform deployment & production readiness validations
  8. Improve the user experience by managing their website
  9. Provide end-to-end management for the website which includes redesign, implementing UI/UX and maintaining the back-end infrastructure.
In addition to website hosting, the Dimiour solution includes a number of AWS applications.

Tech Stack:

Business Outcomes:

Among the improvements realized by Giveworx are:

  1. Overall efficiencies and process improvement enable accelerated product release schedules.
  2. High quality, scalable and flexible product design in response to client demands
  3. SEO enhancements enable Giveworx clients to greater access to their target donors.
  4. Website payment process improvements result in enhance client self-service and transactions procedures.