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Reliable Connected Vehicle Services

Connected car services needs interruption free platform

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Reliable Connected Vehicle Services - Challenge
  • Business required RTO and RPO under 2 minutes for mission critical connected services.
  • Multi-AZ cloud native services on AWS didn’t provide availability on region outages.
  • Single region S3 buckets posed availability challenges on region outage.
  • Relational databases posed challenges of replication delays and longer time to enable alternate region as master (write nodes).
Reliable Connected Vehicle Services - Challenge
Reliable Connected Vehicle Services


Reliable Connected Vehicle Services
  • Designed a multi region(4) architecture with latency and health based routing at DNS. Two active regions, two standby for canary deployments.
  • Implemented cloud native container based micro services on AWS EKS for mission critical workloads like IAM, user profile, etc.
  • Migrated datasets distributed NoSQL based datastores backing the HA design.
  • Fully automated devops process for seamless deployments and piloting.


Route 53
Cloud - Front
API - Gateway
Amazon - SES
AWS - lambda
Amazon - EKS
Apache - Kafka
Amazon - Aurora
Data - Dog
GitLab - CI
mongo - DB


Reliable Connected Vehicle Services - Benefits
  • Active-active multiregional setup helped with RTO and RPO objectives(within two minutes).
  • Highly and available services met the millisecond level SLAs for business transactions.
  • Modern security patterns helped exposing services directly to edge devices without additional layers of latency.
  • New platform provided ability to pilot features to selected users/devices before final rollouts.
Reliable Connected Vehicle Services - Benefits