VDart Digital is now Dimiour: A digital technology company

The value of identity is that it comes with a purpose. We are so excited to publicize this great news that reflects our urge to represent innovation, technology, and trust to the outer world.

It’s an immense pleasure for us to announce that our company name will be rebranded starting January 2022, from VDart Digital to Dimiour. During this journey we’ve forged great relationships, partnerships, cherished and celebrated shared success with our clients. Now we’ve reached an important milestone in this journey, to carve out a new name as we enter 2022. The brand name might have changed but our commitment to our customers and partners remains the same with the highest priorities.

“As with any business, it’s always important to grow and evolve. VDart Digital has achieved significant milestones last year in terms of the new clients we’ve acquired, the complex solutions we’ve delivered for Fortune 500 companies, and the new geographical territories we’ve entered. This is the right time to create an identity for our digital technology business. We want to solve the toughest digital problems with the most creative solutions and that’s why we chose the word Dimiour.” Sidd Ahmed, President and CEO.

We are driven by curiosity and unabating passion. Our love for our work is what has gotten us to this point. We owe thanks to VDart and the members who have helped us achieve this level of success, but we must evolve. As we continue our voyage through Industry 5.0, we have to create our own identity. We wanted our tribe to have a sense of true ownership of ourselves amongst giants.

Why Dimiour?

We realized early on during ideation that in order to capture the identity of Dimiour, we needed to capture the essence of our people. Our vision is to accelerate and transform the future with creativity, foresight, and resilience. Dimiour in Greek means “creativity”. We selected this specific language because the first mathematical formula originated from the Greek civilization. As leaders in the digital technology space, we wanted to incorporate the source code of innovation into our cultural DNA.

About Dimiour:

Dimiour the leading provider of mobility and digital technology solutions globally in Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities and Healthcare Industries. The company’s technology powers next generation of mobility through its fleet management, digital key, in-vehicle, infotainment, and connected vehicle solutions. The company brings extensive experience in collaborating with leading automotive OEMs, Tier1 suppliers and fleet owners to develop advanced mobility solutions to support the growing need for mobility on-demand.

Led by a strong global team located across 10 countries including USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Japan, Australia & India, the company provides solution expertise for custom turn-key projects for design and implementation of future concepts and cutting-edge technologies, delivering frictionless customer experience, creating better business value. The company partners with its clients in ideation, strategy, prototyping, testing, product launch and steady state support and has deep expertise in emerging technologies such as blockchain, IOT, UI/UX, AR/VR, Cloud, Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, NLP, Analytics, Identity management, and Intelligent automation.

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