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SAP Migration to AWS

SAP workload migration to a multi-account, multi-region architecture on AWS

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sap migration to aws-challenge
  • SAP workloads running on-prem Oracle Exalogic, Exadata and ZFS.
  • Complex to maintain.
  • Limited expertise within Oracle that understood an application running on Exadata, Exalogic, ZFS.
  • Built for peak usage.
  • High server upkeep cost during off peak hours.
sap migration to aws-challenge
SAP Migration to AWS - Benefits


SAP Migration to AWS - Benefits
  • Use SAP on AWS Best practices to migrate SAP workloads to AWS.
  • Use standard AWS services like EC2, EFS, S3, API Gateway, CloudEndure.
  • Designed multi-region, multi-account AWS Infrastructure with 7 accounts, 500 EC2 instances, 50 TB storage, 15 apps, 300 integrations.
  • Compliant and secure setup with AWS Managed Services support.
  • Highly available architecture through multi AZ arch. Multi-region DR with CloudEndure for apps and DG for DB.


Route 53
Cloud - Front
API - Gateway
Amazon - SES
AWS - lambda
Amazon - SQS
Amazon - SNS
Amazon - Aurora
Dynamo - DB
Transit - Gateway


SAP Migration to AWS - Solution
  • Availability of services in AWS ecosystem to work on ERP Data.
  •  Audit trail of access to infrastructure.
  • 50% Cost reduction for infrastructure spend.
  • Highly Available, autosaling, fault tolerant system design.
  • AWS Managed Services for operations support including OS patching.
SAP Migration to AWS - Solution