Cloud FinOps

Optimize Cloud Cost Management Through FinOps Excellence

Utilize Cloud Services to their fullest potential while optimizing your Cloud spending by implementing Cloud FinOps services. Get the best of both worlds with Dimiour.

Dimiour’s FinOps team uses automation and cloud tools to track expenses across subscriptions efficiently. Our customizable pricing models offer options like on-demand, reserved, or spot instances. We maximize cloud resource utilization by analyzing usage patterns and implementing cloud optimization strategies. Our finance, IT, and operations experts collaborate seamlessly to manage cloud expenses responsibly on both strategic and operational levels.

Support Features

Automation & Cloud Management Tools

We use automation and cloud-based tools to monitor cost-saving policies and generate insights, optimizing our FinOps processes for maximum efficiency.

Regular Reviews & Pricing Models

Our pricing models adjust to your needs. Choose between on-demand, reserved, or spot instances based on workload and cost savings potential.

Collaboration Between Finance & IT

Our standardized collaboration between Finance and IT teams aligns financial goals with technical decisions and effectively maps BAU operations to FinOps practices.

Optimized Cloud Resource Utilization

We optimize cloud resource usage by analyzing patterns, adjusting instance sizes, and using auto-scaling and scheduling to eliminate idle resources.

Centralized Cost Tracking System

Our centralized system of cloud management tools tracks costs across multiple subscriptions for better expense control.

Dedicated FinOps Team

Our team, with diverse expertise comprising members from finance, IT, and operations, handles the management of cloud expenses and ensures responsible usage.

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