Candidate onboarding and engagement, redefined

Candidate Engagement Platform

Enhance Experience

Strategically enable employee satisfaction and retention, leading to growth in revenue and profitability.

Stay Connected

Ensure speed, reliability, and transparency in communication and engage the workforce with your vision.

Plan Ahead

Track a global workforce for planning, forecasting, and budgeting through a centralized system.

Engagement Tools

Powerful engagement features just a click away


Quick, seamless and reliable way to connect with your team.

Go Paperless

Never miss a detail when all the key information is at the click of a finger.


Spread the brand voice with branding, personalization, and broadcast features.

Recognize & Reward

Identify talents and reward them with built-in reward mechanisms.

Connect from anywhere

With seamless connectivity, connect with talents from anywhere in the world.


Capitalize on data with organized, well-structured data analysis pipelines.

Administrative Tools


Monitor satisfaction and engagement in real-time with comprehensive reporting and analytics.


Uncover hidden blocks to retention and redeployment with powerful correlation and drill-down capabilities.


Smart filters detect patterns in engagement data and alert your team to problems early on.

Personal Engagement at scale.


Replace manual tasks with smart touchpoints that respond to talent in real-time.


Boost loyalty and employee engagement by rewarding employees for inputs and interactions.


Deliver branded, rich media messages, reminders, surveys, or videos by text or email.

Surveys & Triggers

Set up event-based workflows to minimize human dependence on mission-critical tasks.

Data Driven Analytics

With the built-in analytics dashboard, get driving insights from the business data gathered from various channels, and become a data-first organization making informed decisions on the business front.

Candidate Engagement Tools