Mainframe Modernization

Revamp your Legacy Mainframe to Stay Ahead

Dimiour offers top-tier modernized cloud solutions for your legacy mainframe while expertly managing data, migration, compliance, and minimizing business interruption risks.

Understanding Cloud Mainframe Modernization poses challenges such as legacy code with limited understanding, business interruption risks, integration complexity, data migration, compliance concerns, and building confidence in the new system. With Dimiour’s expert-driven, iterative, and pilot-validated approach in Cloud Mainframe Modernization, you can proceed with full-scale migration confidently while making the most of your existing legacy mainframe systems.

Support Features

Updated Legacy Infrastructure

We facilitate a seamless transition to modern technology with cloud-based or hybrid infrastructure for improved scalability, agility, and cost efficiency while ensuring reliability and security.

Navigating Application Modernization

We at Dimiour assess current applications for compatibility issues and update them with modern programming languages and frameworks while preserving data integrity and functionality.

Minimizing Business Outages

Dimiour provides a complete migration plan with testing, phased implementation, and rollback strategies to minimize business disruption.

Streamlined Modernization Process

Dimiour develops a streamlined migration plan with application sequence, timelines, resource allocation, testing, and compatibility adjustments for cloud migration.

Data Migration

Dimiour safeguards data flow and protection through batch processing, data replication, and virtualization.

Regulatory Compliance

Dimiour uses security measures, encryption, access controls, and data governance policies to comply with regulations. We work with legal and compliance teams to ensure adherence during modernization.

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