Dimiour Migration Plan Simulator (dMPS)

Cloud Data Migration Tool

Whether you’re dealing with a collection of pilot applications or aiming to migrate your extensive private data center housing numerous critical applications, transitioning your IT infrastructure to the cloud is a multifaceted undertaking accompanied by a spectrum of potential risks and uncertainties. To empower you in this transformative journey, we proudly present Dimiour’s innovative migration plan simulator dMPS. Our simulator serves as your strategically, enabling you to proactively address risks, efficiently prioritize applications, navigate change management, and finely tune costs for optimal outcomes.

How dMPS helps organizations

Prioritize applications: dMPS uses data-driven analytics to help you prioritize which applications to migrate first based on their criticality, complexity, and dependencies. Whether you prefer to sunset a data center which is heavy on cost or pick those applications which need to scale up and down based on demand, dMPS can work out an optimal plan grouped into the migration waves.

Plan and schedule

dMPS helps you plan and schedule your cloud migration project by providing a framework for agile planning and prioritization, and providing better predictability for schedules.

Mitigate risks

dMPS identifies and mitigate risks associated with cloud migration by providing a measurable framework around change management by providing potential alternate paths, effectively minimizing schedule deviations and migration costs.

Optimize costs

Our simulator helps you optimize costs by providing insights into the cost of hosting applications in the cloud and planning out the migration waves where double-bubble (costs of infrastructure on source and target) are kept to the bare minimum.

How dMPS fits into the migration journey

dMPS is a tool providing predictability and transparency to migrations. Following is a summary of the features.

  • Interface to collect data about Applications, VMs, Operating Systems, Storage, Networks, and Datacenters,
  • Collect info on their dependencies and technology stacks 
  • Analyze applications and VM usage and needs
  • Take prioritization considerations into account
  • Develop an optimal plan for migration
  •  Provides reports on cost savings during and post-migration
  • Change management options during execution to derive new schedule upon surprises

dMPS will gel well with any migration process which involves the assessment, mobilize, and migration phases


The first step in migration is to discover the applications, services, and data that need to be migrated, and gather information about their dependencies and requirements. dMPS can integrate with format from cloud migration evaluation tools to collect the data or provide interfaces to business users and application teams to input through a user interface.


Once the data collection phase is complete, and application and infrastructure data is baselined, dMPS analyzes the discovered information and generates a prioritized list of applications based on their criticality, complexity, dependencies, or any custom prioritization rules. In case of multiple applications are deployed on the same VM, the process can consider prioritization rules such as freeing up the lean VMs earlier, thereby benefit improving infra expenses of source datacenters earlier.


dMPS helps in planning and scheduling migrations in waves by grouping tightly dependent apps or optimizing overall testing efforts depending on current state factors. dMPS is a framework for agile planning and prioritization, providing better predictability for schedules.

Risk mitigation

dMPS can provide a new schedule considering different applications into waves as and when an existing schedule is stuck due to unforeseen dependencies. This mitigates risks of milestone deviations, leveraging a measurable change management process.


dMPS helps to optimize costs by providing insights into the cost of hosting applications in the cloud and minimizing double bubbles.


dMPS also provides detailed reports on the progress of your cloud migration project, including the status of each application and the cost of hosting in the cloud.

dMPS can help organizations mitigate risks, prioritize applications, manage change, and optimize costs. Organizations benefit from a data-driven approach to cloud migration that is both agile and efficient while ensuring the highest levels of security, compliance, and cost optimization.