Agile Testing

Effective Testing for Efficient Progress

With Dimiour's Agile Testing Service, achieve continuous testing in software development by automated tests and a collaborative team, ensuring adaptability to changing requirements for effective results.

Dimiour’s Agile Testing Services, seamlessly embedded with development, ensure swift feature verification, defect identification, and rapid fixes, minimizing bugs in production. With continuous integration and delivery, our expert team provides your business experience with faster, high-quality software delivery aligned with your goals for enhanced productivity. Dimiour’s technology pods ensure close collaboration with your teams, shifting quality gates to the left and providing superior testing support at every step of the development process

Support Features

Integrated Agile Teams

Our cross-functional Agile teams at Dimiour work collaboratively, ensuring seamless communication and integration between team members.

Test Impact Analysis

We at Dimiour use test impact analysis tools to identify critical areas affected by changes and prioritize testing efforts accordingly.

Resource Pooling

We promote a culture of teamwork and resource pooling at Dimiour, facilitating support among testers during peak workloads.

Automated Regression Reporting

Dimiour uses an automated regression reporting system to swiftly detect and resolve regressions, ensuring smooth and stable software updates.

Risk-Based Testing Strategy

Our Team at Dimiour prioritizes testing efforts based on critical features and functionalities, following a risk-based testing strategy.

Cloud-Based Device Labs

Dimiour utilizes cloud-based device labs to access diverse environments for testing, optimizing time and resources.

Dynamic Data Masking

We at Dimiour have implemented dynamic data masking techniques to protect sensitive data in testing environments without compromising data integrity.

Smart Data Generation

At Dimiour, we employ an innovative Smart Data Generator tool to create realistic and relevant test data tailored to our clients' application requirements.

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