Dimiour Migration (dM+)

Cloud Migration by Dimiour

Unlocking cloud adoption success
through a tailored factory approach.

With the increasing migration of IT infrastructure to the cloud, organizations are realizing the limitations of manual migrations in terms of time and potential errors. Introducing dM+: Revolutionizing Cloud Migration.

Accelerate Your Cloud Migrations with dM+: An Automated and Risk-Reduced Approach. Discover the power of Dimiour’s dM+ framework, a structured methodology that harnesses automation and industry best practices to streamline cloud migrations. Uncover the key concepts and benefits of dM+ and gain valuable insights on leveraging this framework for your unique cloud adoption requirements.

What is dM+?

Streamline Your Cloud Migrations with dM+: Enhancing Efficiency and Consistency. Embrace the process-oriented nature of dM+ as it revolutionizes cloud migrations by prioritizing standardization and automation. Discover the power of a repeatable and scalable approach, enabling multiple migrations instead of treating each as a standalone project. Explore the following essential steps in the dM+ methodology:"


Identify the applications, services, and data that need to be migrated, and gather information about their dependencies and requirements.


Define the target architecture for the migration, including the cloud environment, network topology, security requirements, and other key factors.


Create the necessary infrastructure, networking, and security components in the cloud environment.


Move the applications, services, and data to the cloud environment, using automated tools and processes wherever possible.


Verify that the migrated applications and services are functioning correctly in the cloud environment, and address any issues that arise.


Fine-tune the cloud environment for optimal performance, cost, and security.


Implement governance and management processes to ensure ongoing compliance, security, and cost optimization.

Benefits of using dM+

DM+ offers several benefits over traditional approaches to cloud migrations, including:

Faster time to value

By standardizing and automating much of the migration process, the factory model can help organizations complete migrations more quickly, reducing the time to value for cloud initiatives.

Improved quality and consistency

Define the target architecture for the migration, including the cloud environment, network topology, security requirements, and other key factors.

Reduced risk

By minimizing the potential for manual errors and ensuring that security and compliance requirements are met, the factory model can help organizations reduce the risk of migration-related issues.

Increased scalability

By creating a process that can be used for multiple migrations, the factory model can help organizations scale their cloud initiatives more easily.

Leveraging dM+ for your

Large-Scale Cloud Migration

dM+ focuses on efficiencies with scale. dM+ framework can be applied to your ecosystem in any of the below scenarios

• Thousands of VMs to be migrated

• Hundreds of applications and dependencies involved

• Pico bytes of data involved in migration

• Several private data centers to be freed up

• Legacy or relatively new technology

• Private data center on-prem or a cloud.

dM+ uses factory units of skilled agile pods (subject matter experts in respective areas) ready to execute the migration recipe within the unit’s boundary. Following is a high-level approach on how migrations leverage dM+  

Define the migration process

Create a standardized process for cloud migrations, including the key steps and tools to be used.

Develop factory recipe

Identify opportunities for automation and develop scripts to automate the migration process wherever possible pertaining to respective tech stack.

Establish governance and management processes

Define processes for governance, management, and monitoring of cloud resources, including security, compliance, and cost optimization.

Train staff

Train staff on the factory model process, tools, and best practices, and encourage continuous learning and improvement.

Refine the process

Continuously refine the migration process based on feedback and lessons learned from each migration.


Iterate in waves, migrating apps by executing the factory recipe for each tech stack and developing recipes for newer tech stacks as prioritized.

dM+ for cloud migrations is a structured, process-oriented approach that leverages automation and best practices to make cloud migrations faster, more efficient, and less risky. Our experience with cloud migrations has helped develop dM+ and mature it over time, considering most of the risks and surprises with migrations. Dimiour can help organizations leverage dM+ and reap the benefits of a repeatable, scalable approach to cloud migrations.