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Large IAM Implementation


Large IAM Implementation - Challenge

Our customer required to enable new, modern IAM features for future generation vehicles

  1. OTP (One Time Passwords).
  2. Phone number as username.
  3. Multi-factor authentication via App.
  4. Customization of notifications (email, SMS).
  5. Ability to logout from all sessions and dashboard for active sessions.
Large IAM Implementation - Challenge
Large IAM Implementation - Solution


Large IAM Implementation - Solution

Dimiour team implemented a highly scalable, resilient and modern solution on cloud for North America serving 10MM users. Initially we migrated 8MM users from Azure AD to FR. Our solution was accepted for global implementation. We have finished implementation for Australia and India, and in process of implementing for Europe (including Russia) and Japan. Our solution streamlines Authentication, Authorization and Registration via web, mobile and IOT.


Large IAM Implementation - Benefits
  • Identity federation integration with multiple 3’rd parties.
  • Mobile centric – IOS and Android.
  • Social Authentication – Google, Facebook and Apple.
  • Device Print and Geolocation – Secured Authentication.
  • QR code registration – Linking the Vehicle to device for remote commands.
  • Digital Key Integration – Key sharing with friends and family.
  • Active – Active multiple region support – High available.
  • Account linking for Voice Assistant – Alexa Skill.
  • Active Device tracking – Capability to show the devices the user has logged on.
  • PIN authentication – Profile switching on HU.
  • Password lockout – similar to apple lockout – Security spec.
  • Migrated 8 million users from different identity platforms.
  • Provide 24×7 operations support.
Large IAM Implementation - Benefits