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Global Automotive Leader


Global Automotive Leader - Challenge
  • Multiyear flagship initiatives needs to consider disruptive industry trends.
  • Organization level procurement and sourcing team lacked insights at project level.
  • Challenges to evaluate suppliers due to lack of trend research.
  • Business goals not aligned in contracts for projects executed.
Global Automotive Leader - Challenge
Global Automotive Leader - Solution


Global Automotive Leader - Solution
  • Identified the core functional areas that needs to addressed.
  • Provided industry experts to research on market trends and benefits.
  • Placed product owners for each function to identify capabilities and map to goals and value chains.
  • Floated request for proposals and procured skills and suppliers across T&M and milestone-based models as needed to meet goals.


Global Automotive Leader - Benefits
  • Multi year initiative with concept, design, implement, pilot and launch of new suite of products was completed on time.
  • Best in breed industry trends were absorbed to gain edge in market competition.
  • Better Customer experience boosted sales.
  • Successful model from org to project level alignment continued for newer initiatives.
Global Automotive Leader - Benefits